The Twins Say… Always Always Love Yourself – EBook


The twins are excited to play with their family and friends. They also learn the importance of loving themselves and being happy. Mom, Dad, Auntie, Grandma, and Cousin have taught them the importance of wearing their crowns-which in essence is being proud of who you are.

The twins learn throughout their adventures that loving their skin color and their differences makes them special. Always, Always Love Yourself and be Happy teaches children at a young age about the importance of emotional intelligence (EI). EI encompasses the ability to recognize, manage, and understand your emotions. Having EI skills can lead to a happier lifestyle and well-being. This book also teaches lessons about diversity and the inclusion of children with special needs or intellectual and physical disabilities.

Always, Always Love Yourself and be Happy is a follow up book to Always Always Keep Your Promise. Dr. Karriem is excited to share more important values needed for children to grow up successfully in a diverse world. One page of the book gives the young child an opportunity to list why they love themselves and what makes them happy. Activity pages are also contained in the book, so that children can enjoy coloring and learn other needed skill sets.

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